Sato Labels, Avery Dennison Labels

Brand-name Quality without the Cost

Compatible Substitute for Avery Dennison Labels and Sato Labels

If your brand-name price gun calls for Sato labels, or Avery Dennison labels, note: you can buy those here, for less.

  • Generic Avery Dennison labels
  • Generic Sato labels
  • Fully compatible with your price gun
  • High-performing (won't gum up your labeler)

Plenty of colors and sizes to choose from. (We can also create custom labels for you - it's one of our biggest sellers.)

Compatible with Avery Dennison (Labels), Sato (Labels)

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Case of labels for Avery-Dennison 216.
Case of labels for Avery Dennison 210
Two sleeves of labels for Avery Dennison 216, with 1500 labels per sleeve.
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