Custom Retractable Night Shades

Retractable Night Shades keep cold air in and warm air out for improved energy efficiency. The use of night covers during non-business hours can result in substantial energy savings.
  • Five-year warranty - Each night cover is backed by a five-year warranty.
  • Slow-rise mechanism that uses NO OIL.
  • Unique rounded-handle design - The rounded handles on night covers have been designed so that they will not catch on passing cleaning equipment.
  • Perforated Design - This unique, non-fraying fabric is perforated to allow sufficient air to pass through the blind to prevent condensation, while still providing substantial energy savings.
  • Aluminum coating - The aluminum coating provides reflective properties to keep heat out and is guaranteed not to flake or chip.
  • No maintenance - While a technician on a regular basis to adjust the spring tension must recalibrate other night covers, night covers require NO MAINTENANCE. Simply wipe off the blinds as necessary.
  •  Available in standard 4' and 6' lengths with the cassette (for mounting outside the case) and 4', 6' and 8' lengths without the cassette (mounted inside the case), but can be customized to fit any case.
  • Color - Optional cassette colors to match any case display.
  • Motorized options available - Night covers can be motorized for "touch of a button" coverage and retraction.
  • Screw mounted - Night covers can be screw mounted to the inside or outside of the case.

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